Flu Vaccination 2018

Booking a flu vaccination appointment

Ring our dedicated flu booking number (020 3883 5730) between 10am and 2pm or use our regular number (020 3883 5700) at other times.

Alternatively, you can book an appointment directly in person at reception.

Coming into the practice for an appointment already?

If you are seeing one of our clinical team for another reason please remind them (if they don’t remind you!) and they will give you the vaccine there and then if it is clinically indicated.

Why have your flu vaccine with us?

We strongly advise you have your flu vaccine with the surgery. This year there are two kinds of vaccines and supplies are arriving quite slowly. However, the surgery will have purchased a vaccine for you if you are in a category where this is indicated.

GP surgeries are small businesses and cannot afford to waste this vaccine if you choose to be vaccinated in a high street pharmacy or supermarket.

In addition we hold all your medical records and can ensure you receive the correct vaccine. This year over 65s have a new attenuated vaccine which should give greater protection than the vaccine has done in the last few years. Under 65s in the ‘at risk’ groups will have a quadrivalent vaccine.

We highly recommend early flu vaccination before flu starts to circulate!

Children’s flu vaccine

Children’s flu vaccines have started to arrive. They are available to pre-school children only at the surgery and older children should be offered this at school. For more information on the vaccine please visit: www.nhs.uk