Neck, Back, Joint or Muscle Pain


For new and recurring back pain, the free getUBetter app offers a managed back pain recovery programme, including a symptom checker, self-management advice and video exercises.

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Arthritis Action Resources

Are you supporting anyone who lives with arthritis? Arthritis Action has a great range of resources to help manage the pain and associated symptoms with confidence. These include exercises, recipes, videos, fact sheets, podcasts, online groups and much more.

Arthritis impacts people of all ages and not just the older population. To assist with this, the service has recently launched the young adult hub for 18-40s. This can be found here: Young Adults Archive – Arthritis Action.

Website: UK Arthritis Charity – Arthritis Action

Phone: 0203 781 7120

First Contact Practitioner

We host a First Contact Practitioner service at our Trevelyan House site. This service is for patients who are suffering from joint or muscle pain. If you have a problem that affects your neck, back, joints or muscles you are able to directly see a First Contact Practitioner (FCP) instead of a GP. Appointments for this service can be made online or by contacting reception.